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Thanks for all the fish

I am leaving the SageHack persona and the Anonymous information activist scene. This time there will be no comeback. I’m wiping almost everything, including my keys and authentication methods. I’ll still be fighting, but no longer wearing the mask of anonymity.

I wanted to thanks everyone who I have met during those years. I’ll forever be grateful and transformed. You all have my most sincere thanks and respect.

Still, I wanted to leave some things behind:

Lesson on activism

The number one recommendation I’d make is to fight for what you think is wrong. It’s the best and worst decision you can make. It will change your life and who you are forever but most importantly you will discover yourself and others, learn how the world you live in is built, and meet your true friends and foes.

For me, being active in the Anonymous movement was an eye-opening experience. I knew nothing of the world before that. Being involved made me discover that I cared very much of others and that I would fight wrongs until my very last breath.

So, do it! Become a hero.

Understanding the legal risks you undertake and how law enforcement will react to your action will make the difference between jail and freedom, or even between life or death. It’s very likely that they are using illegal tactics as well.

It served me pretty well all those years.

The Cloudbuster

A few years back, when OpISIS was a thing, everyone started bashing Cloudflare publicly because they were supposedly protecting the ISIS websites. To me, this was ridiculous.

I wanted to show others than, acting, as opposed to complaining, was the best way to change things and therefore the Cloudbuster was born.

The first version was done in a weekend and I had never used Python before. So next time you want to fight something, shut up and take up arms. That’s how you’ll change the world. By fighting.

Anon Insiders archive

This site has covered every single Anonymous public operation for 4 years. It’s a very interesting piece of history. Please clone or fork the github repo.

This blog

Everything that I thought was worth sharing is here. Use it well.