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Simple VPN guide for beginners

This guide is dedicated to all new online activists who need guidance with VPNs (virtual private networks). We’re going to help you with your first setup choice.

Never use the any suggested setup for anything related to your personal life. No personal facebook, twitter, banking, MSN, hotmail, gmail, etc.

Before we start

You need to understand the following topic so read each page carefully : VPN, Proxy, VM, Bitcoin. Never use free services. There’s always hidden unwanted side backs that will put you at risk. Use bitcoin to buy your service if possible. It’s an anonymous online payment system.

Choose your setup

Dedicated Device + VPN

This is the most effective, easy and secure setup.

This can work with iPods, iPads, computer and any device that supports VPNs.

Dedicated VM + VPN

Bit more technical but very effective. You need a powerful PC.

Using TOR Browser bundle with a paid proxy

Simple, secure and effective. You can’t do anything outside a browser.

Using TOR Browser bundle on your normal PC

Simple, very secure but very very slow.

About Bitcoin

Here’s a few link to help you out with bitcoins.

BlockChain Wallet : Manage your wallets & send/receive money. Local Bitcoins : Buy bitcoins locally directly from people. MTGox : Buy bitcoin via bank account in USA. Kraken : Buy bitcoins via bank account in Canada. Bitcoin Trade : What can you buy with bitcoins? Bitcoin Wiki : The biggest wiki about bitcoins.