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Passw0rdz lists 4ur hashing needs

Those are the password lists I use with hashing software like Pyrit and Hashcat. They’ve been pretty useful so I wanted to share them with the Interwebz.

I know you’re all a bunch of white hat hackers and you’ll only use them to test your own devices. Ahem.

10 million user/pass combo

In February 2015 Mark Burnett’s released a compilation of 1,000,000 username/password. It contain the most common combination from leaks made available by hackers.

It’s not a list you can use for hashing but it got what we need.

Download (85MB)

10 million mashup

Usernames and passwords from the previous list in a single row without duplicates.

Download (48MB)


Come with Kali Linux.

Download (49MB)


The biggest mofo list ever.

Official download page

Human readable => Download (246MB)

Machine readable => Download (4.2G)