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Learn Linux

Before we start

If you know how to use Linux this guide is not for you.

Read about free software.

The focus here is privacy, security, freedom and hacking. If that’s what you want to learn about, we’re good.

What if I’m a gamer?

Running your games on Linux will help you learn.

Also Valve hates Windows and SteamOS run with Debian Linux. For everything else use Play on Linux.

Learn to read

Everything in the Linux world is well documented. Read first ask question later.

A long walk

It’s a long journey. You’ll probably spend a few weekends and some nights setting things up. It can take up to a year before you feel completely at home and master your new operating system.

Before using Linux

You can prepare your transition by using free software like Firefox Thunderbird Transmission Gimp VLC Clementine instead of proprietary software.

Starting easy


The easiest way to learn is to install Ubuntu for desktop. LTS stand for Long Term Support. It’s more stable so that’s what you want to started.

The terminal

This is where Linux hold it’s power. Your first step should be to learn how to install/remove software with it. There’s nothing like installing your favorite software without going through a clumsy wizard and tons of legal user agreements.

Use the terminal whenever you can. I wrote a guide for that too!

Going further


Once you know how to use Ubuntu properly you’ll want to consider learning Debian. Ubuntu is based on Debian so you won’t get lost.

It can require a bit of configuration to get it working to your taste. But that’s what Linux is about, freedom.

Why learning Debian is so important

It’s used by activists, hackers, free software developers, anarchists and freedom fighters. It’s super powerful, lightweight, customizable, reliable and totally free, like in freedom. It’s packed with the most well known and reliable free software, which make it super secure.

Also, Linux distribution you’ll need are based on Debian.

Other distros

Once you’re good at Debian you’ll want to take a look at Tails and Kali Linux. Tails an amnesic system set for anonymity and security. Kali Linux is the hacker stuff and Steam OS is the gamer stuff.