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How to join Anonymous

So you want to get on board the Lulzboat? You better get ready cause it’s no joy ride.

Alternative movements

You might want to consider joining a public and legaly known activist movement where you don’t need to live like Batman. Here’s a small list of some movements I like and support.

Before you begin

There’s a lot to learn before you feel at home within the Anonymous collective. I’d say on average it’s going to take from one to tree years. Depends on how tech savy and fucked up you are.

About the Anonymous movement

Start by watching and reading those. They should convince you to reconsider joining.


If you’ve never heard for Free and Open Source Software before, start here: Free Software, Open Source Software.


This part is going to make you rage quit.

First, stop using Windows or OSX. You need to learn Linux.

Then, jump on the Surveillance self-defense guides from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It’s of utmost importance that you understand those. They are prooven real life scenarios.

Anonymity & Privacy

Now the hard part. It’s really important that you learn what is Tor/VPNs properly and how to use them properly.

Tor is for Anonymity. VPN is for Privacy. Confuse them at your own demise.

Start with Wikipedia: Tor & VPN.


You can setup Thunderbird and Pidgin to work with Tor and the Tor Browser Bundle for browsing. For Thunderbird (install TorBirdy plugin) and for Pidgin go to Tools > Preferences > Proxy. Set “Proxy type” to “Tor/Privacy (SOCKS5)”, “Host:” to “” and “Port” to “9050”. Sometime the port is “9150”, not sure why.


For the VPN you’ll be on your own. Find one that you think might work for you and never trust a VPN provider with your anonymity. TOR is what you trust your anonymity with.

Forget your real identity

From now on never use anything that could link to you. Consider everything: any accounts or software you paid for or that contain any information about you. Especially your email addresses, your name and any nickname you ever used. If you don’t do that you’re fucked.

This is not a joke. Failing here will get you in serious trouble. At best you will end up being d0xed and totally humiliated. Otherwise, jail? Some sponsored state hackers (in shity countries) have been found dead after being succesfully identified.



Ah yeah… This is the part that you wanted right? If you got everything from this guide so far, then your new quest can begin. We hope you have five to ten years to train, cause yeah, that’s how long it take to become a real hacker.

Now onto: How to become a Hacker.