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How to create vinyl badges for your activist group

Creating vinyl badges for you activist group is an easy process. All it require is a bit of time and some learning power.

Feel free to adapt our methods to your needs.

The first step is, of course, creating your logo. Use any tool you are confortable with. This can be any image edition software or a pen with a piece of paper.

Convert to SVG

Next you want to create an SVG version of your logo.

What is an SVG?

It’s a vector representation of a graphic that can be easily integrated in any project. They ca scale without loosing quality and exported to any image format. It’s extremely useful.

How to proceed

First, download Inkscape. It’s a Free and Open Source Software available on all popular non mobile OS.

Once you have the software up and running create a new project and edit the documents properties. You’ll want to set the size in inches. You can also set the default units to inches instead of pixels.

Now import your draft and start drawing you logo. This might take a bit of time as you’ll probably have to learn how the software works, but don’t give up. It’s the easiest graphical creation tool for non graphical artists.

Quick tips

If it’s your first time with Inkscape make sure to check those guides, they’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Export for printing

Now we will need to export a graphic usable by badge printing shop.

Click on File >> Export bitmap and select page. Make sure the dimension are still in inches and are correct. Set the dpi to 300 and the export the graphic in the format you need. We had to use PNG. Format is choosen when you name your export file. Make sure the file end with the file extension you need.

Order online

The place I recommend is called Mutiny Shop.

On the order page you’ll see a form on the bottom left. It’s pretty straitforward just read and fill. If you order different badges make sure to delete your previously uploaded graphic as the form doesn’t reset when you fill an order.

When you’re done scroll up and click the shopping bag on the to right corner. Make sure your order is correct and proceed to payment.

And that’s it ;)

If you need help

Just reach me out on Twitter.