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Learn to code with Python

Make sure you’ve read how to code first. Else this won’t make sense.

Python is for hackers

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I really don’t need to say anything else here.


Python come in different versions. By default, Python mean Python 2. You want to learn Python 3. So, make sure you use type Python 3 when Googling and to use Python3 command line and not just Python.

Python interpreter

Python3 have a live interpreter you can code directly into to test your snippets. Give it a try. Type “python3”. If you get an error “apt-get install python3” and try again.

Use a linter

A linter check your code for syntax errors and bad writing as you go. It tell you where you mess up. Use Flake8 “apt-get install python-flake8”.

On Atom you’ll also have to install the linter and linter-flake8 plugins.

Starting with basics is a great site to learn. It’s free and offer different classes in many languages. That’s always where I start when picking up a new language.

From Pycon 2015

Here’s a few vids from Python 2015 conferences that you should watch at some point :

Facts and Myths about names and values

Best practices for beautiful intelligible code

Write reusable code

Advanced GIT