The Hack Lair

Code like a hacker

It’s an essential hacker skill. You’ll always need it. Code is everywhere. And you’ll need to write your own scripts at some point.

Choose a programming language

There’s a gazillion languages out there. Some are more useful for hackers than others. I’m going to suggest Python and PHP.

Why? Both are free software and have a large community. Python is, to my opinion, the most important hacker tool and it’s easy to learn. PHP is just everywhere.

The Cloud Buster Cloudflare resolver is a great example of Python hacking.

Other interesting languages to know about are : Ruby Java Perl.

Your coding environment

You can code Python and PHP on any OS but they work best on Linux and OSX. If you’re on Windows you’ll want to move away at some point.

Read those guides if you haven’t : Free Software Learn Linux Use the terminal

Your code editor

Programming life happen in a code editor. There’s plenty out there, use the one you like. The ones I recommend are Atom and Vim SPF13.

Atom is easier for beginners. If you use Atom make sure to disable the metric package since it’s sending your usage to Google Analytics.

Vim is ultra light weight, powerful and run on servers. It’s the real hacker stuff. Again, read how to use the terminal.

Start learning


Code versioning is your best friend. It keep track of all changes in your code. It will save your life if you mess up and allow to experiment easily.

Learning resources.


A software that use Oracle Virtual Box to download and setup pre-configured development environments. It’s really useful when you need to mess around with servers and such.

Vagrant official website.


Read how to learn Python.


Read how to learn PHP.